Mobile Tubular Inspection

Clean, Visual, and Drift of Casing and Tubing



  • Clean & Visually Inspect Threads
  • Visual Tube  
  • Full Length Drift wtih Size Specific Drift 
  • Tally 
  • Copy of Tally on Flash Drive for Convenient Transfer of Tally to Customer Computer 
  • Stripping (boards) Available Upon Request 


Drill Pipe & Tubing Inspection


  • API, DS-1, or a specific customer supplied criteria, our experienced operations team can help our  customers choose from a variety of services to tailor an inspection program to fit your needs and minimize down-hole failure. 

BHA, HWDP, Drill Collar, Fishing Tool Inspections


  • Inspection of BHA, HWDP , Drill Collars, and Fishing Tools  for cracks in threads, upsets, and slip areas is imperative. Without regular inspection fatigue of the material during the drilling process can create a crack in a short period of time.
  • Utilizing WetMag (black light) inspection for ferrous material  in conjunction with dry mag inspection, thread profile gauging, visual seal, thread inspection, and dimensional inspection our team of qualified operators can help to minimize the event of a down-hole failure. 

Field Repair Services


From API to proprietary connections, we have you covered. Our team is equipped with both lathe and sandpaper refacing equipment for all of your refacing needs.  Repairing these connections in the field helps reduce our customers cost of trucking and machine shop premiums. 

Tubular Inspection Facility

Tubular Asset Management


 •12 Acres of Storage Space•

 •Accurate Real-Time Inventory•

 •24/7 365 Load-In/Load-Out Availability•

 •Secure Fence Line and Video Surveilance•

 •Easy Access with Entrances off NW Expressway and Banner Rd.•

Indoor Inspection Facility


Our new, 12,000 sq. ft., fully enclosed, inspection facility allows us to inspect and recondition  our customers tubulars regardless of inclement weather conditions. 

Features Include

 •ID/OD Cleaning Machine

 • Four Function Stationary EMI Unit 

 • Oil Based Mud and Paraffin Removal